Neck Pain

Dealing with neck pain on a constant basis is an unfortunate situation that requires intervention to find much-needed relief. Contact Marron Wellness Center to meet with our chiropractor in Eatontown to obtain necessary Neck Pain treatment if symptoms become debilitating. Here is some information about neck pain and how making an appointment with our chiropractic facility can help if you are suffering from this condition.

Common Causes Of Neck Pain

There are several different ways someone can contract neck pain. If you are involved in an auto accident or sporting injury, neck pain is one of the results that may occur. Neck pain is often caused by looking down at cell phones or other electronic devices constantly. Sleeping with inadequate head support could also cause neck pain to happen. Each situation is different, requiring an exam by our chiropractor to determine the cause of the pain you are experiencing so proper Neck Pain treatment is administered.

Avoiding Neck Pain

If you have dealt with neck pain in the past, it is likely you want to take precautions to help keep it from occurring again in the future. Using proper back support when sitting for extended time periods will not only help to decrease the likelihood of neck pain but will also help to stop back problems from happening as well. When driving, be sure your headrest cradles your head comfortably. Make sure to take frequent breaks on the job or when driving to help stretch your back muscles and avoid poor posture as well.

Neck Pain Treatment Options

When seeing our chiropractor to obtain Neck Pain treatment, you will first need to discuss your prior medical history to determine why pain is frequently present in your neck. An evaluation is then conducted, including some tests to check your mobility range and pain intensity in the affected area. Our chiropractor will use spinal adjustments to help reduce stress upon joints leading to the neck. This often provides immediate results in the minimizing of pain at the base of the neck.

In addition, temperature therapy is administered to reduce inflammation and provide relief of pain in the neck. Gentle massage and electric stimulation may also be used to relax the neck muscles, promoting healing as a result. Our chiropractor will also discuss exercises or stretches you can do at home to help alleviate pain effectively.


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