Hip Pain

While hip pain can be a common issue, its source is often difficult to determine. Many people assume the pain is only related to the hip, but that is not always the case. Hip pain can be caused by other problems. As the hips are so much a part of how we move as human beings, hip pain can become life-altering. Marron Wellness Center in Eatontown, NJ, can offer you a chiropractor, physical therapist, and acupuncturist, as well as K-laser therapy and spinal decompression to solve your hip pain.

Reasons for Hip Pain 

  • Arthritis. Osteoarthritis and most other inflammatory disorders can be the cause of hip aggravation. Inflammatory illnesses are usually degenerative, but may also be caused by overuse of the joints, such as in the case of an athlete or dancer. A chiropractor can use a gentle, non-invasive manipulation to ease the pain. 
  • Injuries such as dislocations, fractures, tears, hernias, and sprains. You can also develop tendonitis or inflammation in the hip joint, otherwise known as bursitis. The elderly, in particular, are prone to falls, and as bones age, they can become more brittle. Regular chiropractic care can keep you moving and in balance so falls are less likely.
  • Pinched nerves are often a source of pain in the hip area. Many patients with sciatica (an inflammation that occurs in the sciatic nerve) or sacroiliitis (inflammation of the sacrum joint) can benefit from treatment provided by a team including a chiropractor, physical therapist, and acupuncturist.
  • Pregnancy can sometimes create hip pain. This is due to the body’s natural expanding of the hips to prepare for childbirth. Carrying extra weight can also interfere with the alignment of the hips and back. 

The goal of our chiropractor, physical therapist, and acupuncturist is to create an individualized treatment plan for you to treat your pain and help your body heal. This may include therapy to relax and massage muscles, alleviate inflammation, manipulate and align where necessary, advice on exercise, and life changes. Don’t let hip pain prevent you from living life to the fullest.

Marron Wellness Center in Eatontown, NJ, wants to give you the pain relief you need. Surgery is expensive and medications can come with serious side effects. Don’t live with hip pain anymore. Use our convenient online appointment scheduler or call us today to schedule an appointment: (732) 542-1272. 


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