Lower Back Pain

If you have been experiencing lower back pain on a frequent basis, finding a treatment that works is sure to be a desire you want to fulfill. Contacting Marron Wellness Center in Eatontown to make an appointment with our chiropractor is an option that could bring you the results you are seeking. Read the following information about lower back pain to find out why it occurs, how to soothe it, and how chiropractic care can help if you suffer from this condition.

Why Lower Back Pain Happens

Lower back pain is often the result when someone lifts something too heavy for their body size. The muscles are pulled during this action, leading to pain or discomfort that could last for a while. If poor ergonomic procedures are in place in the workplace, lower back pain, as well as the discomfort of the neck or shoulders, is likely to occur. After a vehicular accident or personal injury incident, back pain may arise as a symptom associated with this situation. These are just a few of the instances that could cause lower back pain. Most incidents are caused by an injury to the muscles around the spinal column.

How to Soothe Lower Back Pain

When your back aches, finding fast relief is necessary so you can go about your daily tasks without suffering from pain. Consider taking a hot shower or bath to soothe the muscles in the back when you feel achy. The temperature change will increase the blood flow in the affected area, helping it to heal as needed. Light massage could also be beneficial when you experience lower back pain.

How to Avoid Future Back Pain

Taking precautions to keep back pain from happening again in the future is a must if you do not want to experience this type of discomfort. Make it a priority to take frequent breaks if you anticipate needing to sit or stand for long durations of time. Use a lumbar support pillow to help keep your spine aligned properly. Seek treatment from our chiropractor if lower back pain does not subside after a few days.

What Our Chiropractor Will Do To Help

When you visit our establishment, our chiropractor will ask you questions about the frequency of your discomfort as well as any triggers that may have caused it to occur. Spinal adjustments are performed to help heal your back quickly and effectively. Many people find these treatments to be relaxing and that they provide instant relief to their troublesome areas.


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