Do you sometimes feel as if one of your legs has developed some terrible injury or dysfunction? If you’re experiencing pain and other inexplicable symptoms, you may have a syndrome known as sciatica. Thankfully, this painful problem, a consequence of sciatic nerve compression, can usually be treated successfully without the need for major spinal surgery. Our Eatontown, NJ, a chiropractor at Marron Wellness Center uses non-invasive techniques and technologies for safe, conservative sciatica treatment.

Causes of Sciatic Nerve Pain and Related Neurological Symptoms

The sciatic nerve extends from the lower part of your spinal column all the way down your leg. Within the leg, it branches out into the many smaller nerves that send motor signals and sensations to and from this extremity. The problem with this arrangement is that, just like pinching a garden hose together cuts off the water flow throughout the hose, any restriction to a nerve can disrupt all the nerve signals below that point. In most cases of sciatica, compression of the nerve roots that attach the sciatic nerve to the spine interferes with nerve signaling at various points in the buttock, leg, and foot. The results can include sciatic nerve pain, numbness or tingling areas in the leg or foot, and even loss of muscle function.

A variety of issues can compress the sciatic nerve roots. For instance, you might experience an auto accident or sports injury that shifts your vertebrae or herniates a lumbar disc, causing these structures to press against the sciatic nerve roots. More commonly, age, postural problems, and degenerative spinal changes (such as bulging discs) conspire to put pressure on these sensitive tissues.

Non-Invasive Relief from Our Eatontown Chiropractor

Our chiropractor, Dr. David Marron, combines his detailed understanding of the human nervous and musculoskeletal systems with thorough diagnostic techniques to discover the underlying reason for your sciatica. This allows us to administer non-surgical treatment measures such as:

  • Spinal decompression therapy – Our spinal decompression therapy relies on a mechanized table to shift herniated or bulging discs away from sciatic nerve roots and back into their usual position.
  • Chiropractic adjustment – Chiropractic adjustment can correct your spinal alignment to help discourage vertebral structures from pushing against sciatic nerve tissue.
  • Physical therapy – Physical therapy can help reinforce your lower back muscles and correct your posture.
  • Acupuncture – Acupuncture can ease sciatic nerve pain by increasing your endorphin production.

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