If you’re someone who suffers from back pain, you probably feel as if you’ve exhausted your options for finding relief. At Marron Wellness Center, we’re here to help you learn how to heal your back without surgery, or drugs involved.

When it comes to healing backs and back pain, doctors have a hard time properly treating them. We want to offer you a new route and teach you how to heal your back without surgery or drugs. With options such as spinal decompression, or better yet simple lifestyle changes you can make yourself.

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Dealing With Back Pain

Do you suffer from back pain, whether chronic or temporarily? Well, you’re sadly not alone.

There’s an estimated 80% of adults who are affected by back pain at some point in their life.

This back pain can either happen suddenly after something like an accident, or it can develop over time from maybe a condition, or overuse. 

These patients with back pain often get the same two recommendations from doctors: surgery or drugs. We’re here to offer more natural solutions at Marron Wellness. Providing a plethora of different treatment options that can heal your back without the use of invasive procedures or harmful medications.

These treatment options include home remedies, alternative medicine treatments and lifestyle changes. Urging our patients to seek out every option before deciding in back surgery or taking pain medications.

Experiencing back pain can come from many different causes, meaning the treatment can look differently for everyone. Below we’ll go over several ways on how to heal your back without surgery or drugs.

Spinal Decompression

First on the list, we have spinal decompression. Which is a relatively new non-surgical treatment for most spinal disc problems. 

Currently spinal decompression is the only non-surgical treatment available that accurately relieves any pressure on the spinal disc. Which allows the body to then naturally heal itself. It’s also the least risky when it comes to treatment options. 

Targeting the spinal column, spinal decompression can relieve any chronic or acute pain that’s being caused by pressure on your spinal cord. It’s done with motorized traction, which stretches the spine and promotes healing of:

  • Affected discs
  • Nerves
  • Connective tissue

It can also help to prevent any loss of mobility.

If you choose to receive one of these treatments, please ensure it’s done by a licensed professional

Such as:

  • A licensed chiropractor
  • Licensed physical therapist
  • Any osteopathic doctor


The practice of acupuncture has been helping people with illness recovery, pain management and injury rehabilitation for over thousands of years. 

At Marron Wellness, our acupuncturist teams up with other staff to create a perfectly rounded treatment plan for a safe and effective way to heal your back without surgery or drugs.

Acupuncture treatment at Marron Wellness Center is a safe, calming, soothing experience. 

Your first appointment will include an extensive evaluation, using Traditional Chinese Medicine methods, to analyze your current state of health and the source of any symptoms you may be experiencing. 

Even if you feel significantly better within your first few sessions, we may recommend a complete series of a session to ensure long-lasting results. 

At the same time, we may be administering chiropractic adjustments, laser therapy, and/or physical therapy to provide the most thorough relief possible. 

You may find that acupuncture continues to play an important role in your life as a primary care solution for many different conditions such as back pain.

Manage Your Weight

Your body is made up of joints, bones and a lot of back muscles which are constantly working to keep it supported. Even in the simplest tasks, such as sitting or standing.

If you’re considered overweight for your body type, that can adversely affect your back and create constant back pain. This is most likely from the extra pressure building on your spine and your back muscles being constantly strained.

Obesity directly links to some part of low back pain.

Doing your best to manage your weight and have healthy lifestyle choices in place is a great way to heal your back without surgery or drugs. 

If you are currently overweight, you should be sure to work with a professional when planning a way to properly manage your weight back to a healthy place.

Follow an Anti-Inflammatory Diet

When the body is experiencing a lot of inflammation, this can directly contribute to feeling chronic pain, like back pain.

Because inflammation can be caused by a lot of factors, the easiest one to take control of is by what you chose to eat.

By following an anti-inflammatory diet, you can help lower the inflammation in your body. Foods with excess sugar, or processed foods are known to make inflammation a lot worse.

Eating the following foods may help lower inflammation in your body:

  • vegetables
  • fruits
  • nuts
  • fish
  • whole grains

People with back pain may wish to try focusing on whole foods and avoiding processed foods, trans fats, and sugar.

Have Correct Posture

If you have incorrect posture, over time that can create a lot of back pain. It’s a good idea to work on correcting your posture because it will usually bring back pain relief.

There are devices you can wear made to gently adjust your posture by pulling your shoulders back. You can purchase them from places online.

Sometimes, a change in workspace is needed. If your desk, or computer chair doesn’t allow the proper ergonomic support you may want to invest in one that does.

Exercise Regularly

If you suffer from back pain, exercise may seem like the last thing you want to take part in. As it can feel hard to even perform the simplest tasks when you’re in pain. But getting yourself moving is actually one of the best natural treatments for relieving back pain.

Along with that, exercising releases natural endorphins. Endorphins are known as natural painkillers for a reason. As they naturally reduce pain by binding to opioid receptors in your brain and are similarly known to have the same effects as taking painkillers.

Exercises specifically performed to strengthen your back muscles may help relieve some of the back pain you’re experiencing.

Chiropractic Care

Also been around for centuries, chiropractic care is a great natural treatment for things like back pain. Not only is it healing, but it’s healing naturally and is a great option for how to heal your back without surgery or drugs.

If you regularly get chiropractic adjustments, your back pain can really be managed. When combined with other alternative healing treatments, chiropractic care can be a core treatment to healing your back.

At Marron Wellness, this is also something we offer and urge you to contact us today for a chiropractic appointment!

Manage Your Stress

Stress isn’t good for any part of life. Having excess stress creates tension in the body and muscles. In result, things like back pain can arise and only increase as stress continues.

If you find yourself regularly stressed out, you should really seek out methods for stress relief. Helping you to work through that tension naturally.

This can include things like:

  • Meditation
  • Exercise
  • Massages

Wear the Right Shoes

When it comes to picking the right shoes, we mean more importance than keeping up with fashion fads. 

Shoes that don’t have the proper fit or support can cause misalignment in your hips, legs and back. Causing possibly severe back problems in the future. Where misalignment is present, back pain will follow. 

Wearing shoes like high heels, ones that don’t properly fit, or don’t have enough support can directly lead to back pain.

Wearing products like a custom orthotic inside your shoe can truly be another way on how to heal your back without surgery or drugs. You should see a significant improvement in any pain you’re experiencing.

Contact a foot specialist regarding whether wearing orthotics may help relieve your back pain.

Physical Therapy

The exercises done during a physical therapy session work to relieve tension, or strengthen certain areas in the body which in turn can help relieve pain.

Receiving physical therapy should always be done by a professional, licensed physical therapist. With that it’s a great treatment option for back pain, or injury.

At Marron Wellness, we suggest combining physical therapy with some of our other treatment options to help heal your back without surgery or drugs.

Combined with other treatments such as chiropractic care, or spinal decompression, we’ll help get you on the road to recovery and back pain relief.

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Relieving you from symptoms and increasing overall wellbeing is our goal at Marron Wellness Center. 

Getting to the root of the pain and correcting the issue from the source of pain, allows for symptoms to be naturally alleviated. We eliminate pain so that you can live a healthy life! 

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