Auto Injury

When a person suffers a Auto injury there are two things to contend with;

  • Receiving the right medical treatment
  • Making sure the person responsible for the accident is held accountable

At Marron Wellness Center, this is something we are always mindful of. Whether we are we are dealing with a slip and fall injury, a work-related incident, or a car accident, our chiropractor and physical therapist help determine the source of an Auto injury while shedding light on the best and most appropriate treatment for you.

Dealing With Pain From the Injury

While a Auto injury can cause pain in any area of the body, back pain is among the most common as the core of the body instinctively tries to protect the rest of it. In many cases, this means a trip to the Eatontown chiropractor. That “catching” action throws the spine out of alignment causing pain. At Marron Wellness Center in Eatontown, our diagnostic tools and skills can tell where any misalignments are, and whether they are putting pressure on nerve endings. Our treatments are designed to alleviate pressure and swelling naturally by working with the body’s innate ability to heal itself, rather with drugs or medications. We can also help with other extremities that may have been injured as well, such as the wrist or shoulder or neck pain. As we treat, we also track what was done and can connect your injury to your accident to give you better legal recourse as you file an insurance claim or a Auto injury lawsuit.

Preventing Future Injuries

The best way to prevent injuries is to develop a good foundation. Unfortunately, a lot of people need to work in this area, but at Marron Wellness Center, we are here to help. Through strength training therapies, exercise recommendations, and dietary advice we help our patients develop that strength they need to prevent themselves from succumbing to the same injuries over and over.

Working Out Your Workspace

In addition to exercises, we can also help to reconsider your sedentary space. Since many must stay in one place for their day to day jobs, we will help you make your workspace work for you rather than against you. Having the right features in your work chair that offers low back support helps prevent you from aggravating an injury. If you can’t get a new chair, a rolled up towel at the base can help make it better. Correct positioning of your computer and keyboard can also help you cut back on the unnecessary strain.

At Marron Wellness Center in Eatontown, NJ we strive to help you recover, and not only work with you to get you through the healing process, we also work with any insurance agents and attorneys that may be working on a auto injury claim so that you can present a strong and confident case for the best settlement. If you have been injured, prompt attention is needed in order to draw a strong connection between your accident and your injuries. To learn more, contact us at 732-312-5230 to schedule an appointment.

I have been seeing Dr. Marron since December 2000. At that time I had suffered a severe back injury. He has always provided the best service of any chiropractic I have visited. My wife Autumn and I will go to no other doctor. We have seen his business grow from a one or two-person office to the full staff he has now. We couldn’t be happier.

Eric K.

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