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Traditional & New Chiropractic Techniques For Back And Neck Pain From Your Monmouth County, NJ Chiropractic Specialist

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Chiropractic, which is part of the well-developed and effective care at Marron Wellness Center, is a health care profession that focuses on disorders of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system (brain and spinal cord), and the effects of these disorders on general health.  Dr. David Marron has been practicing chiropractic care for over 30 years and specializes in spinal adjustments and rehabilitation to restore function and alleviate pain.

We provide our patients advanced spinal correction utilizing “state of the art” chiropractic techniques.  Never in the history of chiropractic have we been able to provide the level of help and expertise that now exists.  These newer correction methods are even safer, more comfortable, and more effective than ever before.

Chiropractic care is used most often to treat neuromusculoskeletal complaints, including but not limited to back pain, neck pain, pain in the joints of the arms or legs, and headaches.

Doctors of Chiropractic, often referred to a chiropractors or chiropractic physicians, practice a drug-free, hands-on approach to healthcare that includes patient examination, diagnosis, and treatment.

Chiropractors have broad diagnostic skills and are also trained to recommend the therapeutic and rehabilitative exercises, as well as to provide nutritional, dietary, and lifestyle counseling.

Chiropractic Manipulation

The most common therapeutic procedure performed by doctors of chiropractic is known as “spinal manipulation,” also called “chiropractic adjustment.”

The purpose of manipulation is to restore joint mobility by manually applying a controlled force into joints that have become hypomobile – or restricted in their movement – as a result of a tissue injury.

Tissue injury can be caused by a single traumatic event, such as the improper lifting of a heavy object, or through repetitive stresses, such as sitting in an awkward position with poor spinal posture for an extended period of time.

In either care, injured tissues undergo physical and chemical changes that can cause inflammation, pain, and diminished function for the sufferer. Manipulation, or adjustment of the affected joint and tissues, restores mobility, thereby alleviating pain and muscle tightness, and allowing tissues to heal.

Chiropractic adjustments rarely cause discomfort. However, patients may sometimes experience mild soreness or aching following treatments (as with some form of exercise) that usually resolves within 12 to 48 hours.

FAQ’s About Chiropractic Adjustments

What do chiropractic adjustments feel like?

After the brief thrust, many patients report a sense of well-being or a feeling of calmness. Others feel that improve mobility. Inflammation or muscle spasms may delay these positive effects. Chiropractic doctors excel at making adjustments comfortable and effective.

Are chiropractic adjustments safe?
Yes. A government study concluded that chiropractic adjustments are “remarkably safe.” Taking an over-the-counter pain reliever is about 100 times riskier.
Will adjustments make my spine too loose?
No. Only the spinal joints that are “locked up” receive adjustments. This allows weakened muscles and ligaments to stabilize and heal.
What makes the sound?
Lubricating fluids separate the bones of each spinal joint. Some adjusting methods can produce a sound when the gas and fluids in the joint shift. It’s much like opening a soda can or removing a suction cup. The sound is interesting but isn’t a guide to the quality or value of the adjustment.
Can I adjust myself?
No. Some patients can make their joints “pop” but that’s not an adjustment! Even your chiropractic doctor must consult a colleague to benefit from chiropractic care.
“I had various neck and back issues also had several arm hand and neck problems and both Chiropractic and Physical Therapy treatments, Dr. Marron And Dr. Kristi White got me well back into shape. Amazing and would recommend anyone to see them!”

Richard H.


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