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K-Laser Therapy

Lasers have revolutionized many aspect of modern society. But there's another type of laser application that you may not be aware of -- one that has the power to accelerate your body's natural healing processes, relieve pain and inflammation, and generally help you enjoy a higher quality of life. K-Laser therapy is the current state of the art in this form of non-invasive healing technology, and you can get it right here at Marron Wellness Center.

K-laser therapy uses uses a frequency of amplified light that penetrates substances without vaporizing or damaging them, which is why it's also referred to as "low-level" laser therapy. 

Our chiropractor and physical therapist also use K-Laser therapy as a means of reducing pain, inflammation, stiffness and other discomforts associated with chronic pain conditions and degenerative ailments. The same boost in blood flow that enhances healing also permits more efficient drainage of the substances that trigger inflammation in tissues, as well as other pain-producing waste materials such as lactic acid. Laser therapy can help damaged or impaired nerves regenerate, which may help relieve the pain, tingling, and numbness of chronic neuralgia and other neurological issues. The warming, circulation-boosting effect of laser therapy also helps relax tight muscles and relieve painful knots, making in invaluable for pain management in conditions such as fibromyalgia.

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