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Neck Pain Treatment From Your Monmouth County Chiropractorneck pain treatment

A large portion of the patients that visit our Monmouth County chiropractor office are seeking help due to neck pain. The treatment modalities offered by our wellness center, including chiropractic care, massage therapy and spinal decompression, can be quite helpful in reducing the pain and discomfort of neck injuries and neck-related conditions.

Common Causes Of Neck Pain

Because the tissues making up your neck and spine are complex and delicate, sometimes it only takes a small disruption to generate lasting pain. There are a wide variety of causes of neck pain, some of which include:

Whiplash And Other Injuries

The most common type of neck injury results from auto accidents. Whiplash occurs when your head moves quickly in one direction, then back the opposite direction in a whipping motion. The force generated can damage the tissues of the neck, including discs, muscles and ligaments. Muscles surrounding the neck will tighten up to prevent further injury.


Certain diseases can lead to deterioration, as can growing older. When parts of the neck deteriorate, like the discs or the cartilage, it can put pressure on nerves and lead to pain.


The reduction in cartilage caused by osteoarthritis can lead to bone spurs, which can be quite painful.

Poor lifestyle

Everything from hunching forward all day at the computer to weak muscles can cause misalignment that may result in discomfort in the neck.

Neck Pain Treatments

When you come to us with neck pain, we will conduct a thorough examination to determine the source of your pain. Once the doctor understands what is causing the pain, we can start one or more treatments that should improve your condition. Some of the treatments we offer at Marron Wellness Center include:

Chiropractic adjustments

Your chiropractor has a variety of approaches to neck adjustments that are designed to treat different issues. Whatever type of chiropractic care your doctor chooses, you can expect it to be non-invasive, effective and gentle.

Massage therapy

The muscles surrounding your spine may be quite stiff and sore right now. Massage therapy can help you alleviate tension and improve blood flow to your injury. Massage works great when used along with chiropractic adjustments.

Spinal Decompression

Your vertebrae may be compressed right now, which can put pressure on nerves and lead to a lot of pain. Our spinal decompression methods can help relieve that pressure and the pain that it brings.

Physical therapy

If your posture is poor or the muscles in certain areas of your body are weak, like your abdominal muscles, it may be helpful to perform physical therapy exercises to gain strength and mobility, and to prevent future injuries.

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