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Our health team at Marron Wellness Center is here to offer you a powerful, non-invasive healing option for your physical conditions. Physical therapy is a way to restore your range of motion, reduce discomfort and speed healing to help return you to your active lifestyle. If you have never experienced the benefits of physical therapy, you may have a few questions and can call us if your concerns are not addressed here.

How Does it Work?

Physical therapy uses a combination of treatments to determine the best ways to heal your injuries. Sometimes, our physical therapists implement strength exercises to rebuild muscles and help stabilize joints. Other programs may use a combination of flexibility exercises and cardiovascular movements to increase your range of motion and help restore muscle memory. We also employ hot/cold treatments, electrical stimulation and ultrasounds to help decrease inflammation contributing to your discomfort.

Is it Painful?

Our therapists work with you to determine the best plan of action and which includes one that will not increase your pain. You may feel a slight pulling in a tight muscle, or a small muscle ache after resistance training a weak muscle, but you will not feel pain that prohibits you from your daily activities. The physical therapists may move your limbs for you to help recover range of motion and will keep constant communication to determine if you are uncomfortable. Plus, you may experience relief from current pain after we reduce swelling or use a cold or hot pack.

How Often will I Have PT?

Your therapy plan varies depending on your injury or condition. You may see us once a week or three times a week when necessary to help recover from surgery or a traumatic injury from an auto accident. We help you relearn how to use your limbs if you have held them in place from pain. We teach everything from daily activities such as opening cupboards and dressing to advanced activities such as weight lifting. You take an active role in your progress and your dedication is important to your healing.

Will I Have to Exercise at Home?

Our therapists may instruct you on at-home exercises to help you recover. These are an important part of your therapy plan and we make sure that you understand each movement before attempting them on your own. The exercises may be things such as squats to help strengthen your legs, stretches to improve your flexibility or activities such as walking to promote movement. We can also help you set up your home or office workstations to support a healthy posture and prevent future injuries.

What do I Wear?

Please wear comfortable clothing that you can easily move in. Wear supportive, athletic shoes if you have them and bring a change of clothes if you are going to work after your session. We want you to be comfortable, but we also need to be able to move your body through its full range of motion.

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